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MFT#008: Cowboy Angels

Listen to MFT#008 w/ Cowboy Angels while you read!!!

The studio has been incredibly busy this past week and I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with no head. Despite being slammed with sessions, I still managed to find time to record another session for all of you fine people to enjoy. This week I invited Dan Schepper to come in and perform a few Cowboy Angels tunes. I’ve known Dan for a number of years now and I consider him to be a pretty swell guy. Dan is probably known to most people as the drummer for Everything, NOW!, but over the past couple of years his solo project, Cowboy Angels, has been turning some heads. Unlike the psychedelic space folk music that he plays in E,N!, Cowboy Angels can be pretty diverse. At times it sounds like a crunchy old school rock and at others it borderlines some sort of back-country shoe-gaze. Regardless of the styles and genres being utilized, every element has some strange vintage feel to it. The timeless tones that remind me of countless old records.

Since Dan writes and plays EVERYTHING it was a bit of a challenge to record a multi-tracked session in such a way that it would sound like a live performance. To pull this off we opted for single takes. Essentially we froze a piece of time with our technology so that Dan could go back and rock out with his past selves. Is your mind blown yet? I bet you never thought of a recording engineer as manipulator of time! No big whoop.

Back to Dan… He recorded 5 songs. 3 of these 5 are NEW. I could tell you which songs are new but that would take all of the fun out of the hunt. Do yourself a favor and head CLICK HERE to listen to MFT#008 featuring a multi-tracked performance by Dan Schepper. Try not to tap your foot. I dare you.

Now if you’re longing for something to look at while your ears are being stimulated, take a gander at some of these amazing photographs taken by Lauren Bultman Photography. She always does an amazing job and I’m not just saying that because she’s my fiance.

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Last but not least… You can find Cowboy Angels on the internet in the following places.

New Years at The Peach

First thing first… Here’s the video. If it’s not enough, you can proceed to read through my random thoughts and reactions after.

From time to time I get asked to help organize a show or event for a friend or acquaintance and I usually take care of booking bands, in addition to securing a PA and running the sound. I don’t mean for that to come off as some snoody sounding, I’m-full-of-myself-style, comment. I just have the privilege of meeting a lot of musicians as a byproduct of being a recording engineer. I can recommend different bands depending on how well their sound meshes with the event at hand.

I received a call from Chris Piche asking me if I could book a couple of bands for their big New Years celebration at The Fickle Peach. I enjoy working with The Fickle Peach and the owners are swell guys so I jumped on my phone to make a few calls and write a few emails. Although my original line-up proved to be full of holes, I was able to secure three solid bands; The Pottersfield Boys, Cowboy Angles, and We Are Hex.

The only hiccup in my night involved trying to locate a mixer for the show that night. I ended up purchasing a used 12-channel Electro-Voice mixer instead of renting one. I figure that it will be a good insurance policy to have in the future if I run into a similar problem. I don’t want to find myself relying on someone else to provide a mixer at the last minute and fall through. Nope, better to have my own.

Anyway, here’s some video of We Are Hex performing at The Fickle Peach for New Years 2011. I set up a few microphones to capture the live sounds and then synced them with the video.

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