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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone made it home safe and DUI-free! With any luck your hangovers are already in remission. I can’t believe it’s 2012 already. Where did all the time go? Eh, I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

I would like to thank The Fickle Peach for asking me to organize their NYE party. I would also like to thank Cowboy Angels, The Bashville Boys, DJ Jannell and The Cocaine Wolves for helping us all bring in 2012 in style. All I did was organize and run sound… The bands provided all of the content. Hats off to them!

Oh, and last but not least… I would like to thank everyone that shelled out $5 to come and celebrate with us! Without you it would not have been as fun. The place was PACKED. We ended up having to turn people away at certain points because we were over capacity! Thanks again for making it a night to remember!

I recorded the show on my new handheld recorder! I will try to put it on MFT at some point this week. Keep your eyes and ears open for it.

New Years at The Peach

First thing first… Here’s the video. If it’s not enough, you can proceed to read through my random thoughts and reactions after.

From time to time I get asked to help organize a show or event for a friend or acquaintance and I usually take care of booking bands, in addition to securing a PA and running the sound. I don’t mean for that to come off as some snoody sounding, I’m-full-of-myself-style, comment. I just have the privilege of meeting a lot of musicians as a byproduct of being a recording engineer. I can recommend different bands depending on how well their sound meshes with the event at hand.

I received a call from Chris Piche asking me if I could book a couple of bands for their big New Years celebration at The Fickle Peach. I enjoy working with The Fickle Peach and the owners are swell guys so I jumped on my phone to make a few calls and write a few emails. Although my original line-up proved to be full of holes, I was able to secure three solid bands; The Pottersfield Boys, Cowboy Angles, and We Are Hex.

The only hiccup in my night involved trying to locate a mixer for the show that night. I ended up purchasing a used 12-channel Electro-Voice mixer instead of renting one. I figure that it will be a good insurance policy to have in the future if I run into a similar problem. I don’t want to find myself relying on someone else to provide a mixer at the last minute and fall through. Nope, better to have my own.

Anyway, here’s some video of We Are Hex performing at The Fickle Peach for New Years 2011. I set up a few microphones to capture the live sounds and then synced them with the video.

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