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Reber Recording is a privately owned home-based recording studio in Muncie, Indiana. The studio belongs to musician and recording engineer, Frank Reber, who has been writing and recording music in various capacities since 2001. Frank has played the electric bass since 1999 and has been releasing original compositions since 2005. His various musical contributions have been released under a myriad of project names which have all been consolidated on Bandcamp. He has a Bachelor’s degree in audio production from Ball State University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Digital Storytelling and Journalism. In addition to his years of recording experience and college education, Frank studied the art of capturing sound with analog recording mediums as an intern at Steve Albini’s Chicago-based studio, Electrical Audio. During his internship, Frank learned how to operate and calibrate magnetic tape machines in one of the most well-known analog studios in the United States. Frank’s preferred recording method is focused on documenting the performance and interaction of musicians in a controlled live setting which produces a recording that accurately represents how a band sounds.

Here are a few of the friendly animal faces that mosey about the recording studio. Maximus Prime is on the left and Bootsy Collins is on the right.

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